Mohammad Khalil fageeh

Speciality medical center is a polyclinic

which offers multiple innovative services that caters the

community in terms of obstetrics and gynecology, ENT and

Facioplasty as well as dermatologic and dental care. These services

are provided by highly knowledgeable physicians that focuses on

patient needs.

The center was founded in 1996 by Shiek Mohammad Khalil

Fageeh serving at the heart of tahliya street, one of the most

luxurious center in Jeddah.

The center’s Aim to continue providing our patients with excellent,

honest, affordable, medical and aesthetic care, delivered in a

personable environment.

Our Vision


To inspire and provide compassionate care and respect the dignity and confidentiality of all my patients in keeping with our Islamic laws, this is to empower women to achieve their full health potential and make informed decisions about their well being…


Our Mission

To continue acquiring knowledge and skills as well as incorporating the best technology to provide the highest standards of excellence in patient care through integrated clinical practice, education and research.